A healthy lawn is essential for a good environment. When your yard is in good condition, your family has a nice outdoor space to enjoy, which improves your quality of life. A beautiful lawn also improves your property value and the value of your neighborhood.

If you are not happy with the appearance of your grass, then you may want to start over. Read on to find out how to plant a new lawn from grass seeds.

Choose The Right Seed

It helps to know what type of grass thrives in your region. You should choose grass seeds that fit your budget, location, and lifestyle. It helps to know what type of grass you want and what type of growing conditions it needs to thrive. You want to take in consideration of how much sun your lawn will get. If your lawn is partially shaded, then you should choose grass that does not need constant direct sunlight. Other concerns are the amount of foot traffic and pets coming through. You can also save by buying wholesale grass seed.

Must Have The Right pH

Grass seed can only germinate and grow when the soil has the right pH. The pH measures the alkalinity and acidity in soil. It ranges from zero to 14 with seven being neutral, below 7 acidic and above 7 alkaline. You want plants to be between 5.5 and 7.0. It is easy to test your soil with a DIY soil-testing kit.

Use A Walk-Behind Spreader

To plant a new lawn, you must distribute seeds over the planting area. When planting over a large area, you can save time with a walk-behind spreader. It is also important to work the seeds into the soil using a plastic leaf rake.

Water Your Soil

Water is very important to the seeding process. You want to make sure the total area is covered. A fan-spray or oscillating sprinkler can help with evenly distributing the water. You will need to water it on a regular basis. It helps to keep the top two inches moist, but not sopping wet. If you see a puddle form on the soil, then it is time to stop watering.

It is important to water regularly until grass is established. Knowing how to mow your lawn is the next step to maintain a lush lawn. After establishing your grass, you do not want to cut it too short. You should adjust your lawn mower to high setting. Cutting it too short allows weeds to sneak in. Click here for additional reading.